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It is our mission to provide the families in Shelby and surrounding counties with personal and dignified services for those who have lost loved ones. We believe that in order to succeed, it is necessary for us to provide compassionate and professional care with varied funeral service and cremation options to fit one's budget and wishes. We feel that we have done that for the past 150 years, and it is our continuing goal to succeed in this mission for years and generations to come.

In 2015, Shannon Funeral Service will be celebrating 150 years of service to the families of this area. John Shannon, the firm's president and fifth generation of Shannons to work here says, "Much has changed since my great great grandfather, John W. Shannon, established a funeral business in LaGrange, KY in 1865. We don't hand-craft our own wooden caskets anymore. Horse-drawn hearses have given way to motor hearses. And visitations and "wakes" are never at the home of the deceased like they used to be."

Shannon continues, "What has not changed is our commitment to educate people as to 'why we do what we do.' For example, if the perception in the community is that our types of services are not necessarily valuable, then we want to show that giving the family and the public the opportunity to pay their respects and to honor the one who has passed away will help satisfy everyone's need for some type of closure. If the perception in the community is that viewing the deceased is not helpful or even morbid, then we want to talk about the countless number of families who share with us how thankful they were to view the deceased and even felt a deep sense of peace because they did so."

Regardless of whether or not there are elaborate services or minimal services, whether the family chooses viewing of the deceased or not —our single-minded goal is to simply serve the people of Shelby County because "it's what we do, it's who we are."

During the coming year we will provide snippets of our history and the Shelby County area on the website. We hope you will find these pieces of the past to be interesting.

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